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Arterial tortuosity syndrome–A case report from Iran (24277 Views)
Normal calcium, sodium and potassium to creatinine ratio in Babol healthy adolescents (20329 Views)
Preventive effect of clofibrate on neonatal hyperbilirubinemia (19200 Views)
Esophageal atresia: 13 years' experience in Amirkola Children’s Hospital, north of Iran (17876 Views)
Pediatrics functional constipation and school- Whether are linked? (15063 Views)
Incidence, predisposing factors and complications of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in diabetic patients (13974 Views)
Near-fatal drug toxicities in newborn babies: A Case Series (11589 Views)
Impact of painting therapy on aggression and anxiety of children with cancer (11037 Views)
The prevalence of allergy symptoms in students in rural area (10594 Views)
Fatty liver disease in obese children in Kashan, Iran (9285 Views)
Effectiveness of group stress management training on affective control and distress tolerance of mothers of children with sensory-motor disabilities (9170 Views)
Evaluation of the first day transcutaneous bilirubin (TcB) level as a predictor of hyperbilirubinemia in healthy term neonates (8773 Views)
Evaluation of mental health and quality of life among β-thalassemia major patients (8628 Views)
Relation between bone mineral density and serum ferritin levels in patients with thalassemia major (8511 Views)
Is childhood obesity associated with iron deficiency anemia? (8466 Views)
Prenatal diagnosis and postnatal findings of cloacal malformation: a case report (8340 Views)
Comparison of oral and intra venous midazolam for sedation in children undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy (8333 Views)
Comparison of urinary tract infection after kidney transplantation between adult and children (8234 Views)
Aspiration of a sharp metallic pin in a child: A case report (8163 Views)
Prophylactic oral probiotic on prevention of feeding intolerance in Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) neonates: Randomized Clinical Trial (7970 Views)
The effect of position on oxygen saturation and heart rate in very low birth weight neonates (7940 Views)
Predictors of physical and verbal aggression in preschoolers (7918 Views)
Central Nervous System Burkitt Lymphoma in a child (A case report) (7849 Views)
A case report of nephrotic syndrome with hemorrhage of intracerebral in cerebral venous thrombosis (7793 Views)
Colonization of rectovaginal Escherichia coli and group B streptococci in mothers and on infants' body surface and their related risk factors (7631 Views)
Approach and Medical Management of Urinary Tract Stone in Children (7617 Views)
Association of imperforate anus and congenital diaphragmatic hernia in one of a twins who conceived by Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) (7401 Views)
The effect of mode of delivery on the umbilical artery pH (7398 Views)
Effectiveness puppet play therapy on adaptive behavior and social skills in boy children with intellectual disability (7343 Views)
The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy on externalizing symptoms in 7 to 12 year-old children with chronic pain (7136 Views)
Evaluating the overt extracardiac malformations in children with congenital heart disease in Khuzestan Province (7056 Views)
Audit nursing reports in intubated neonates admitted in neonatal intensive care unit of Ayatollah Rouhani Hospital, Babol, Iran (6958 Views)
Treatment of large cutaneous facial hemangioma with propranolol in a child with biliary atresia and esophageal varices (6836 Views)
Safety and efficacy of the Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy in Pediatrics; A 10-year single-center experience in Iran (6719 Views)
The effects of traffic noise on memory and auditory-verbal learning in Persian language children (6671 Views)
Comparison of diagnosis of VUR nephropathy by urinary level of ceruloplasmin with DMSA-Scan in children (6658 Views)
Lymphoma infectious mononucleosis by Epstein-Barr virus: A case report (6638 Views)
Relationship between thyroid stimulating hormone and metabolic syndrome in overweight/obese children (6588 Views)
Tacrolimus and diabetic ketoacidosis after kidney transplantation in a 15-year-old girl (Case Report) (6587 Views)
Autoimmune thyroid disease in northern Iranian children with type 1 diabetes mellitus in Amirkola Endocrine Clinic (6563 Views)
Evaluation the helicobacter pylori infection in asthmatic children compared to control group (6470 Views)
The serum sodium levels and recurrence of simple febrile seizure during the first 24 hours in children (6427 Views)
Determination of celiac disease frequency in type 1 diabetes mellitus children in the Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic of Sari, Mazandaran (6397 Views)
The impacts of prone position on the blood oxygen saturations and heart rates of preterm infants under the mechanical ventilation (6297 Views)
Pediatric vesicoureteral reflux approach and management (6245 Views)
Psychometric feature of the child and parent versions of psychological inflexibility in pain scale (PIPS) in children with chronic pain and their parents (6108 Views)
Asthma awareness among primary school teachers in Zanjan in 2014 (6093 Views)
Phototherapy motivates protein and lipid oxidation in jaundiced term and late term neonates (6074 Views)
Relationship between Screen Time and Academic Performance in Adolescents (6010 Views)
A case report of variant scimitar syndrome (6004 Views)
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